Realtor's suspected killer had financial problems
Chavez was cited for alleged securities fraud

Rising oil prices keep lid on mortgage rates
'Deeper economic slowdown' could come soon

Credit scores for overlooked borrowers
New service could help consumers qualify for mortgages

'East' is a state of mind
Julie from Hollywood

Suspect arrested in Realtor's death
Man may have called other Realtors, car sellers

Mindset will make or break real estate agent
Do you have the personality of a mega-producer?

DeMarse-Bankrate separation agreement announced
No excess in this corporate CEO divorce

S.F. Bay Area real estate values continue strong
Median prices climb 15.8% from a year ago

Hibernia to sell mortgage servicing portfolio to CitiMortgage
Co. anticipates some positions to be cut

Central Ohio real estate sales rise
Average sales price slips 3% from a year ago

Overnight mortgage rates mixed
30-year up at 5.44%; 10-year Treasury down at 4.22%

Pitfalls of failing to record real estate title
Don't let property get stolen from under your nose

Misguided home makeovers infiltrate suburbia
Some architectural styles best left alone

Home precautions for hot weather
Building materials feel summer effects

$10,000 reward for catching Realtor's killer
Albuquerque real estate groups establish fund
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